Writer M.D.

From Chekhov to Maugham to William Carlos Williams, doctors have long given voice to their unique perspectives through literature. Writer, M.D. celebrates this rich tradition with a collection of fiction and nonfiction by today’s most beloved physician-writers.

These essays and stories illuminate the inner lives of men and women who deal with trauma, illness, mortality, and grief on a daily basis. Read together, they provide a candid, moving, one-of-a-kind glimpse behind the doctor’s mask.

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“Writer, M.D. will leave you with much to mull over, long after you have put it down”– newscientist 

“Prose at the tip of the scalpel”– nydailynews.com 

“This is a book for doctors and  patients — that is, the lot of us — to relish” – Thomas Keneally, Booker Prize-winning author of Schindler’s Ark 

“an inspired collection”
– Editor’s Choice –Chicago Tribune 

Writer, M.D.: The Best Contemporary Fiction and Nonfiction by Doctors. This collection includes Dr. Sacks’s “The Lost Mariner,” along with pieces by many of our favorite writers: Pauline Chen, Atul Gawande, Leah Kaminsky, Perri Klass, Robert Jay Lifton, Danielle Ofri, Abraham Verghese, and others.”Oliver Sackshttp://www.oliversacks.com/dragons-and-doctors/