Jeder Engel Ist Schrechlich

Published At Cordite Poetry Review – 1 August 2012

“Every angel is terrifying.”
Duino Elegies – Rilke
great grandfather soiled the family tree
lifted his penis high in the air
and peed on its trunk
the stump of my mother


great aunt had young lovers
and hidden amongst the foliage of time
stories lurked in cupboards
behind the smiling faces of fading photos


three sisters wear each other’s clothes
while their mother rocks her lovers
in the marital bed, the dead father’s photo
swinging in time on its nail


we are of bastard stock it seems
look in the mirror myself
and see the Cossack rape
full moon face, blonde hair, blue eyes


mother silent over winter snow
and frigid with her frosty breath
covers her mouth with a scarf
so we cannot see the chilling truth


the dead sclerose my dreams
hated oddities, they fall out
like unwanted fetuses
curled up inside their beginnings