Doll’s Eye

Shifting in time and place, Doll’s Eye weaves an intriguing story of love, loss and survival against a backdrop of war and displacement. Evocative and compelling, it brings into question the gap between what we see, and what we don’t.

Kaminsky’s best book yet. A moving quixotic adventure, steeped in ancient traditions and trembling with the darkest storms of history.BRAM PRESSER

With her trademark compassion and heart, Kaminsky brings this story of adventure, exile and betrayal to vivid lifeTONI JORDAN

A fierce book, intense with craft. This doctor-poet can really stitch words together: tight, unadorned and razor sharp tailored to fit brilliantly. TOM KENEALLY

An absorbing and richly imagined novel of love, hope and resilience through dark, almost mythical times. Vivid, haunting, unforgettable. LUCY TRELOAR


Germany, 1933. Anna Winter returns home to find a note from her father, warning her of grave danger. She flees overnight, taking her precious doll collection with her, and sets sail for Australia. She lands a job at the Birdum Hotel and carves a new life, hiding her past from the world – until a chance encounter with an eccentric stranger, Alter Mayseh, changes everything.

Australia, 1938. A Yiddish poet fleeing persecution, Alter has seen the writing on the wall for his people. Armed with a letter of introduction from Albert Einstein, he manages his own escape from Europe and arrives in Australia in search of a safe place to call home. When fate leads him to Anna, he’s convinced he’s found his future with her. But a disturbing clue to her dark past threatens to unravel the delicate life she has built on top of the secrets left behind.