An absorbing and richly imagined novel of love, hope and resilience through dark, almost mythical times. Vivid, haunting, unforgettable. – LUCY TRELOAR


With her trademark compassion and heart, Kaminsky brings this story of adventure, exile and betrayal to vivid life. – TONI JORDAN


Kaminsky’s best book yet. A moving quixotic adventure, steeped in ancient traditions and trembling with the darkest storms of history. – BRAM PRESSER


Leah Kaminsky’s career as a writer began at the highest level of achievement and her second book attracted acclaim as a ripping, literate and easefully clever book. But Doll’s Eye is worthy of her other two books and has magnificent qualities of humane invention. It is my nomination for a book to read at the end of times. – TOM KENEALLY


Leah Kaminsky did it again! Created yet another compelling and thought-provoking novel. Doll’s Eye tells an unforgettable, complex and also oh-so-relatable love story between two European refugees escaping the Nazi atrocities to Australia’s north only to find there each other, as well as the burdens of their dreams and past terrors. With a poet’s eye, Kaminsky traces the intricate outlines and tender inner recesses of the human heart that always knows how to long and to seek but not always how to find and belong. This beautiful book can help us all understand our private joys and sorrows within the context of larger stories of history and geography, and it still reverberates somewhere deep in me, long after I turned its last page. – LEE KOFMAN


Lyrical, moving and captivating, Doll’s Eye is a skilful and beautifully written study of trust and mistrust, hidden truths and misinterpreted lies. Against the backdrop of an impending war, Leah Kaminsky carefully and lovingly brings to life two unlikely companions who, no longer safe in their European homeland, search for a place to belong. – SUZANNE LEAL